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Category: Enlightenment

Awakening, Enlightenment

Sādhanā of introspection 

Sādhanā of introspection The Sādhanā of introspection strengthens our relationship and compassion with external circumstances. Of course, there are times when isolation is somewhat necessary, but it is our inner attitude, our inner experience that is of most importance.  If peacefulness blossoms within us, we…

Awakening, Enlightenment, Psyche & Awareness, Shaktipat Initiation, Tantra, Teachings & Philosophy

Paramārthasāra of Acharya Abhinavagupta “The Essence of the Teachings on the Highest Truth” 

The first 50 verses – Abhinavagupta I take refuge in you alone, Sambhu, who are beyond maya, transcendent, without beginning, one, existent in all beings in myriad forms, refuge of all, and immanent in all animate and inanimate creation. ||1 Overwhelmed by the chain of…

Awakening, Enlightenment


You are not phenomenal objects, but consciousness itself, the animating consciousness which provides sentience to the sentient being; further, that you are consciousness only in manifestation, but truly you are that which is prior to consciousness itself, you are Pure Awareness. Is it not simple…