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Category: Awakening



MATTER The solidity of the world, known as matter, seems totally indisputable as a fixed thing that you can see and touch. Your body also appears reassuringly solid. Although modern physics has assured us that this solidity is a mirage. There is much more to…



A recurring phenomenon experienced by people who have an active Kundalini is that of contact with a disincarnate intelligence outside of oneself or encountering non physical external sentient beings such as spirit guides, angels, ET aliens. Most of the times it is observed as no…


Kundalini & Thyroid 

The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped organ located in the base of your neck. It is part of the endocrine system and releases hormones that control speed of metabolism, the rate at which your body uses energy. The thyroid’s hormones regulate vital body functions, including:…


Kundalini & Mystical Experiences 

LIGHTS IN MEDITATION Various kinds of lights manifest during meditation owing to concentration. In the beginning, a bright white light, the size of a pin’s point will appear in the forehead in the Trikuti, the space between the two eyebrows, which corresponds tentatively to the…


Nirvana Shatakam 

NIRVANA SHATAKAM I am not the mind, the intellect, the ego or the memory,I am not the ears, the skin, the nose or the eyes,I am not space, not earth, not fire, water or wind,I am the form of consciousness and bliss,I am the eternal…

Awakening, Enlightenment


You are not phenomenal objects, but consciousness itself, the animating consciousness which provides sentience to the sentient being; further, that you are consciousness only in manifestation, but truly you are that which is prior to consciousness itself, you are Pure Awareness. Is it not simple…