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Category: Awakening


Kundalini & Spirit Animals 

Serpents are one of the most common among others, as human spine resembles a serpent standing on its tail if we observe the natural curve . Tigers and butterflies, birds and fish, Spiders & cocoons and many other examples are the archetypes that kundalini presents…

Awakening, Enlightenment

Let go of the concepts 

Ideas such as the ones mentioned in previous blogs in this series (“Ascension is to embody the Higher Self”, “Enlightenment is to be peaceful”, or be rid of the Ego, “I am connected to Source”, “Channelling guidance”, “Doing Lightwork for the New Earth”, “Remembrance of…


Akasha- Primordial Substance 

NATURE OF REALITY Akasha or Luminiferous Aether is the quintesential element, the most subtle tattva, the primordial substance that inundates and constitutes the spacetime continuum. All the other tattvas (Fire-Tejas, Air-Vayu, Water-Apas and Earth-Prithvi) are modifications of this cosmic fluid and emerge from its condensed…