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Category: Awakening

Awakening, Enlightenment

Sādhanā of introspection 

Sādhanā of introspection The Sādhanā of introspection strengthens our relationship and compassion with external circumstances. Of course, there are times when isolation is somewhat necessary, but it is our inner attitude, our inner experience that is of most importance.  If peacefulness blossoms within us, we…


States and Stations 

5 VEILS MADE OF CONSCIOUSNESS Although theses states or stations will be presented in a linear way, they can and do often times appear as non-linear, without necessarily any particular order. There is no linear chronological order. First State or Station Or Veil – Thought…


Kundalini & Sexual Energy 

Based on elements of the Trika Shaivism’s oldest scriptures, the “Tantraloka” and the authors own natural awakening, this article describes how the kundalini transforms the body’s sexual energetic system which can lead to higher states of consciousness. The non-dualistic vision proposed by the Trika Shaivism…