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Category: Awakening


Facts and Misconceptions 

Facts about Kundalini Shakti – Is the divine within, the Holy Spirit, our inner spiritual director.– Exists within every human being in a released or unreleased state.– Is revered as the means for spiritual growth in human beings.– Requires our informed cooperation, skilled support, and spiritual…


Twin Flame Deception 

There’s a lot of apparent ‘twin flame’ relationships emerging at the moment between individuals ‘on the spiritual path’. Though on paper these dynamics may seem like a suitable match, most of them have arisen as a compensation for unintegrated elements of the psyche. This is…



DISTINGUISH BETWEEN VARIOUS ATTRIBUTES OF EGO One of the key aspects of the Kundalini unfolding process is that of reconstruction of the Identity structure loosley termed as Ego. The sudden release and influx of our biological potential, unnerves the entire psychology as well as phisiology….



The Caduceus from Greek Mythology is found in a large cross section of seemingly unrelated ancient civilisations. This is astounding in itself when one considers that critical to the reality of all these civilisations was one unique image… that of the serpent. The Greeks interpret…