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Akasha- Primordial Substance 

NATURE OF REALITY Akasha or Luminiferous Aether is the quintesential element, the most subtle tattva, the primordial substance that inundates and constitutes the spacetime continuum. All the other tattvas (Fire-Tejas, Air-Vayu, Water-Apas and Earth-Prithvi) are modifications of this cosmic fluid and emerge from its condensed…


Neti Neti 

TO REALISE WHAT YOU ARE, YOU MUST FIND OUT WHAT YOU ARE NOT Negative theology is a type of religious and philosophical practice with roots that can be traced through several prominent lineages, including Ancient Greece, early Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. This practice shows up…


Kundalini Unfolding & development 

Kundalini awakening is both nature’s compensatory healing crisis for life-negating damage, as well as an evolutionary progression that occurs after development reaches a threshold. Awakening is thus an attempt to eradicate harmful repressive brain wiring and force rapid integration to bring the organism up to…


Uddiyana Bandha 

Manipura Chakra & Vishnu Granthi It is the bandha that moves the energy upward from the earth, water, and fire centers into the heart (air) chakra strongly influencing the efficacy of the lower bandhas by creating vacuum on top. It prevents accumulated tensions, toxins, or…


Healing & Kundalini 

With the activation and eventual awakening of kundalini, one gets access to huge amounts of prana, our vital life force starts to flow through the subtle body in a much higher volume. The increased flux of prana also increases the subtle sensitivity of body, it…


Cannabis & Kundalini 

Cannabis is a cure for many diseases, in the ayurvedic system it is called vijaya which means winner (over ailment). It was used in combination with many other herbs after a certain purification process of marana and shodhana, to remove toxicity and, till it was…