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Kundalini & Sexual Energy 

Based on elements of the Trika Shaivism’s oldest scriptures, the “Tantraloka” and the authors own natural awakening, this article describes how the kundalini transforms the body’s sexual energetic system which can lead to higher states of consciousness. The non-dualistic vision proposed by the Trika Shaivism…



Methodless Method BEYOND THE METHODS Thoughtlessness is called shambhavopaya. One-pointedness is called shaktopaya. Concentration on and with the support of mantra and breathing and all other elements is called anavopaya. Above and beyond all of these is anupaya.It is called anupaya, meaning “no upaya”. It…


The 3 Methods of Union 

Anavopaya or Kriyopaya THE INFERIOR MEANS Anavopaya is known as the inferior means as it uses the mind, senses, and body for Self-revelation. This “individual path” is the spiritual approach in which there is always a subject-object duality and hence it is called bhedopaya. It…


Means to Liberation 

Upayas THE MEANS TO ATTAIN UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS AS PER TRIKA TANTRA Trika means trinity of Nara, Shakti and Shiva as is given in Tantras. Nara means an individual, Shakti means the Universal Energy and Shiva means the Transcendental Being. Thus a soul recognizes himself as…



Visions and flashbacks of previous lifetimes are a very common phenomenon during kundalini activity or awakened state. It is a form of spontaneous kriya which enables the kundalini infused individual to download experiences from the collective unconscious field of awareness, or Aakasha. This can often…



WHAT TO DO AND WHAT NOT TO Kundalini awakening can said to be an amplification of all our biological processes so as to speed the evolutionary mechanism inbuilt in us all. As the biology attempts to reach a higher state of homeostasis, all that clogs…

Awakening, Physiology & Evolution, Tantra

Bhuta Shuddhi -Purification of the 5 elements and the Pancha Maha Bhuta Shiva Shrines 

Bhuta shuddhi is an ancient Chakra Meditation of Yoga and Tantra practice through which the five elements (sanskrit ‘Pancha Bhutas’ are balanced and purified (sanskrit shuddhi -purification). There is much mystery surrounding the elemental energies. The siddhas discovered that knowledge of the hidden forces of nature,…



THE 3 GRANTHIS & POLYVAGAL THEORY COMPARED Granthis are the energy knots, valves or blocks in our psycho spiritual pathway where the prana energy & consciousness interact & manifest in a particular way. Granthis constitute our unconscious complexes and conditioning, they are regions where experiences…

Awakening, Enlightenment, Psyche & Awareness, Shaktipat Initiation, Tantra, Teachings & Philosophy

Paramārthasāra of Acharya Abhinavagupta “The Essence of the Teachings on the Highest Truth” 

The first 50 verses – Abhinavagupta I take refuge in you alone, Sambhu, who are beyond maya, transcendent, without beginning, one, existent in all beings in myriad forms, refuge of all, and immanent in all animate and inanimate creation. ||1 Overwhelmed by the chain of…